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How to “Make It” With Your Talent

You’ve heard this before; you have to have talent, hard work and practice, practice, practice to make it big. Although those are defiantly true, it takes more than that. Even the most talented, hardworking and well-practiced artist might never be seen by more than their family and friends.

So what do you need to do if you really want to be “Make It?” Let’s assume that you have talent and that you practice every day. What about hard work? If you think you are working hard now read through this list and see if you are putting in all the effort that you can.

A lot of people have talent but only some are willing to hone their life around getting where they want to be.

A lot of artists try out for “The Voice,” “So You Think You Can Dance,” “America’s Got Talent,” or “X Factor” to get their break.  You too might want to try this route.  Even if you don’t win you would learn valuable lessons. If you go this route hire a coach that has helped other people succeed there.  If you don’t go that route then here are some ideas to get you on the road to stardom.


  • First and foremost, you must define what “Making It” means to you. Determine if it means a specific amount of money acquired. Is it a certain prominence? Whatever it is put it in writing. You can’t get somewhere you don’t know that you want to go. It isn’t defined until you write it out.


  • Be willing to sacrifice time and money. Even to the point of being uncomfortable.


  • Believe in Yourself.


  • You must be willing to promote yourself! This is where I see most people have trouble. They want to be discovered and signed by someone or given performing opportunities just because they have talent. Most performers only want to perform and want someone else to do the promotion or business side of their career. This is unrealistic. Learn how to promote yourself.


  • Know how to accept and use rejection.


  • One of the best things you can do is get a group of people and organize them into a street team. In today’s digital world you need to use social media to network your team as well as using them to promote you on the ground.


  • You need to move and speak comfortably on stage. You should be able to tell your story and interweave interesting tidbits between your songs or sets.


  • Learn the art of storytelling to capture your audience’s hearts & imaginations.


  • Use appropriate humor as an anchor to bring relief to your performance.


  • You need to have something more than your act (voice, instrument, or acting) to get people to become fans. You can create loyal fans through your story, background, persona, or who you associate with. Yes, sometimes you gain fans by osmosis.


  • Connections can be one of the launching points of your career. Who you know – better yet who knows you can make or break your success. One way of making connections is to work  with or volunteer at a place where you can come in contact with the people that you want to meet. Learn where, how and who to network with.


  • Some people are only willing to do one type of performing. Be willing to change up the way you perform. Think outside the box. Here are some examples: Speaking at events combined with some of your talent or MC an event and showcase a bit of your talent. It could be that you need to join another band or group to be seen. Find restaurants, bars, local events, etc. that have larger crowds and perform there even if it is only for tips. At least you get to be seen and heard.


  • If you aren’t doing your own show, you will need to be able to audition with professional competence. Be prepared and know what is expected at the audition; then supersede that.


  • When you audition make what you audition with relevant. The songs, dress, and what you say need to be all in line with what you are auditioning for.


  • Show your uniqueness. Don’t be just like everyone else. Even if it is wearing a hat or using an accent, then switching to your own accent after introductions. Just make sure you are likable and that they remember you.


  • Be prepared! You should be prepared with what you are performing but also with what others will be doing around you. If it is a play you should know what the other actors / actresses will be saying and doing. If it is an audition you should know about the play or movie and all those involved in the production of it.


  • Read books, watch YouTube videos, attend conferences / bootcamps, watch or read interviews, look up Wikipedia Profiles or in some way study people who have “Made it” in your area of artistry. Make it a daily habit.


  • Establish your “Why.”


  • You have to promote yourself. Get out there. Talk to people. Introduce yourself. Hang out where and with people who are already successful. If you can’t reach the stars learn where you can be introduced to them. It is possible you just have to find the appropriate time and place for it to be natural.


I know this is an overwhelming list, but it is only part of what it takes. I could go on and on. It takes a lot of time, hard work, effort and sometimes a lot of money to get as far as you have planned. Those who do become famous have put in their dues.  Almost all of them have had mentors, had taken classes / lessons and attended conferences / bootcamps. Most of them also knew someone that had influence in the area they wanted to excel at.

Personally, Still today I learn from watching at least 5 interviews or YouTube videos a week. I read at least 1 hour per day on something in my area of interest. I take a few courses or classes each month. I have mentors that I follow and talk with. At least once a year I attend a conference or bootcamp to learn what’s new and network with people in my industries. Several days a week I even work 12 to 18 hours a day. Success comes at a price. You have to be willing to pay it!

My goals and interests are probably different than yours, but the basics of the road to success are the same. If you are serious about what you want to be and what you want to be recognized for, you will have to put extreme time and effort.

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by Debbie Gerber – (Mom, Former Record Company Owner, Personal Success Coach, Author, Speaker, Web Geek and Real Estate Multi Millionaire)


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