What It Takes To Become a Famous Star

In order to stand out, get noticed and get hired you must have skills, knowledge, hard work ethics, developed talent, focused desire, goals and mentors in the business.

How many people does it take to make a STAR? It takes training and input from a combination of a lot of different training perspectives; acting coaches, dance & movement lessons, vocal training, and if you want it to be worth it at the end then you need financial business training as well.

Here are some basic things you need to know and put into practice to become a STAR:

  • Do something you love
  • Learn from successful performers
  • Put in the practice time
  • Be willing to take criticism and instruction
  • Have your own unique persona
  • Talent with the ability to MC
  • Combine Talent, Movement, and Stage Presence
  • Know to get the media to promote you for free
  • Create a social media buzz to launch your career
  • Network with enough people to meet the right people

You have talent; let us fill in with the rest!


Email: talent@songandstagebootcamp.com  or call 217-357- NOTE (6683)

Song and Stage Bootcamp Website


You won’t be frustrated and disappointed anymore. You have great talent but it just isn’t enough. You need the complete package.

Supercharge your acting, singing, dance, and performing career. This is Your Opportunity to spend a few days with successful industry stars gaining those extras that raise you above your competition.

Hiring individual teachers to learn what you will learn here in 4 days would cost you tens of thousands of dollars and a lot of travel to find this caliber of instructors.

You will leave as a complete package. You will be able to promote and present your talent in a way that gets you the gig.


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This is it:

You want to get seen? You want to get found?  Register today and audition and you may be the one that gets to have their own 20 min pre-show on a famous stage in Branson, Mo.

We have a limited number of openings so that you can get individual attention.

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