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Professional Training by Successful People in the Business.

If your goal is to supercharge your life, dreams and career, you need this training. Don’t be left out or left behind. We have instructors that have “Made it.” If you are focused, relentless and determined to succeed, then you want to learn from these professionals how to do it!

Contact Us for More Information: talent@songandstagebootcamp.com or call 217-357-NOTE (6683)

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Networking is as important as your talent in your career success. You will meet famous and not so famous people that all have connections to help you when you need it. At this event we build relationships that can last a lifetime.

If you are focused, relentless, and determined and want to:

  • Become a famous actress
  • Learn more than just how to sing great
  • Learn the art of dance in performance
  • Know how to choreograph your movements for optimum audience attraction
  • Make acting come natural
  • Turn stage fright into energy
  • Set up your Street Teams & Promotional Funnel
  • Know how to audition for Broadway and get the part
  • Learn the difference between Equity & Non-Equity Acting
  • Learn the money of business
  • Learn from a record producer who is producing new acts on the music scene
  • Create a buzz that takes you to stardom
  • Learn how to get the media to launch you into success
  • Become a Social Media Magnet
  • Learn how to look amazing in photos
  • Get noticed, Get Seen and Get Discovered
  • Make it where you want to go
  • Create your signature move
  • Gain confidence, poise and energy
  • Millionaire Mentoring
  • Perform live for pre-show for the Hughes Brothers “it” Show
  • Create a EPK and press release that will stand out above others 
  • Have a professional Headshot
  • Have a one on one session where you get individual attention and training
  • Learn how to combine singing and acting, and movement for the ultimate performance
  • Know the business side of show business
  • Polish your performance by learning from a professional dancer; carriage and dance techniques
  • Take intense vocal master classes


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This is your opportunity. It is rare to find this lineup of professionals in one place.

Song and Stage Bootcamp Speakers Bios & Classes

You get an all in one 5 day 4 night experience you can’t afford to miss. 

Song and Stage Bootcamp Registration

This is going to be fun, interactive, and inspiring. You will sing, dance, move, learn, network, and do improv. Your housing, food, and transportation are included. Register Today:  http://songandstage.com/#Registration


We’ll See You there! 


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Check out our instructors and their line up of classes:

“The Entertainer”

Presented by Jason Hughes

Learn how to combine singing, acting, and movement for the ultimate performance.  As an individual or a group, come prepared with something to perform such as a song or a monologue.


“Nailing the Audition”

Presented by Dallyn Bayles

Learn the ins and outs of auditioning. Audition instruction for Equity & non-equity. Dallyn Bayles is the perfect “Master Class” Instructor. He’s “Nailed” it on Broadwy!


“The Art of Dance in Performance”

Presented by Carina Hughes

Polish your performance by learning from a professional dancer simple carriage and dance techniques.  You will enhance your choreography as you gain more poise, confidence and energy.


“What They See is What You Get”

Presented by Adam Hughes and Lena Hughes

Catch people’s attention and get the job by presenting a professional image in person and in media.  Learn what to do and what not to do in creating a professional press kit, press release, and with respect to branding.  Learn the “business” of Show Business.


“The Wonderful World of Sound”

Presented by Marty Hughes

Learn the basics of live sound reinforcement and project studio recording for the engineer and the artist. Learn from a record producer who is producing new acts on the music scene.


“The Walky Walk”

Presented by Derek Hughes

Learn popular Hip Hop moves, including Waving, Popping, and Locking.  Learn how to discover your own style and how to create new and unique steps.


“The “Business of Show Business”

Presented by Adam Hughes and Lena Hughes

A professional must know the business side or being in the show business. Get the inside scoop on what you need to know to make it professionally.


“Social Media Street Teaming”

Presented by Debbie Gerber

Learn the newest and best social media strategies for promotion. Know which platforms will reach your ideal audience. Learn to automate, organize, and be seen. Now you will know the secrets of getting the top ranking on social media sites. Ultimately it is up to you to promote you!


“Staging / Choreography”

Presented by Jason Hughes, Mara Hughes & Cindy Hughes

Choreography for vocal numbers & dance.  Make your act more fun to perform and more interesting for your audience to watch.  Learn how to decide what type of choreography works with different types of songs.  Learn to compose, plan, and arrange movements, steps, and patterns.  Learn how to incorporate the components of body, space, and time by using improvisation as the first step in your search for movement.


“Vocal Master Class”

Presented by Chenille Saunders


“The Art of Money”

Presented by a Millionaire

Don’t just get the part, gig or show. Know where the rich part comes in. If you don’t understand money you will always be a broke performer. Wouldn’t it be better to be a rich performer?


“Mix and Mash-up”

Presented by the Hughes Teens

Have fun with the Hughes Teens as you get to know them and learn one of their popular mash-up routines  that you will perform as the Finale’ number of your pre-show on Friday.


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