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Is There Cure for Stage Fright, Butterflies, Fear? Even professional performers get the “butterflies” and some get so scared they throw up before every performance. But they have learned to harness the fear and anxiety. How each of them does that is different. You have to find what works for you so that once you get […]

stage fright, singer scared to sing, stage fright cure
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Perform Live on Stage – Life Changing Talent Bootcamp Get live real time one on one critiques, push training, networking, and audition! Professional Training by Successful People in the Business.  Email: talent@songandstagebootcamp.com  or call 217-357- NOTE (6683) Song and Stage Bootcamp Registration                        Why Attend this Talent Camp:   […]

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Professional Training by Successful People in the Business. If your goal is to supercharge your life, dreams and career, you need this training. Don’t be left out or left behind. We have instructors that have “Made it.” If you are focused, relentless and determined to succeed, then you want to learn from these professionals how to do it! Contact Us for […]

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What It Takes To Become a Famous Star In order to stand out, get noticed and get hired you must have skills, knowledge, hard work ethics, developed talent, focused desire, goals and mentors in the business. How many people does it take to make a STAR? It takes training and input from a combination of a lot of […]

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Be Seen! Get Found! Audition!   How many opportunities do you get! When you get one you should take it! As a Song and Stage Bootcamp attendee you get to audition to be the star chosen to have your own 20 min. pre-show at the Hughes Brothers “it” Show in Branson, MO.   You must be […]

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